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1. Your Answer: 0.75 mi Correct Answer: -0.75±0.02 mi [2 significant digits required] 2.(b) What was her average speed in mi/h? Enter your answer as a number only. (Do not include units.) 4.09±0.02 [3 significant digits required] mi/h 3. Your Answer: 2.40 m/s^2 Correct Answer: 2.46±0.02 m/s^(2) [3 significant digits required] 4. When you see a traffic light turn red you apply the brakes until you come to a stop. If your initial speed was 14 m/s, what was your average speed during braking? Assume constant deceleration. Your Answer: -9.8 m/s^2 Correct Answer: 7.0±0.2 m/s [2 significant digits required] 5. A child slides down a hill on a toboggan with an acceleration of 1.2 m/s . (a) If she starts at rest, how far has she traveled in 1.0 s. Your Answer:
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Unformatted text preview: 1.2 m Correct Answer: 0.60±0.02 m [2 significant digits required] (b) If she starts at rest, how far has she traveled in 2.0 s. Your Answer: 4.8 m Correct Answer: 2.4±0.2 m [2 significant digits required] (c) If she starts at rest, how far has she traveled in 3.0 s? Your Answer: 11 m Correct Answer: 5.4±0.2 m [2 significant digits required] 6. Question 6: Score 0/1 Seagulls are often observed dropping clams and other shellfish from a height to the rocks below, as a means of opening the shells. If a seagull drops a shell from rest at a height of 15 m, how fast is the shell moving when it hits the rocks? Your Answer:-9.8 m/s^2 Correct Answer: 17±2 m/s [2 significant digits required]...
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