PracticeExam2Spring2017Key(2).pdf - Practice Key 1 STAT 350 Exam 2(Practice Spring 2017 Name(Print PUID Instructor(circle one Findsen Lichti Nandy

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Practice Key 1 STAT 350 Exam 2 (Practice) Spring 2017 Name (Print) : ________________________________ PUID ________________ Instructor (circle one): Findsen Lichti Nandy Rongrong Class Time (circle one): 9:30 AM 11:30 AM 12:30 PM 1:30 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM ONLINE Instructions: 1. You are expected to uphold the honor code of Purdue University. It is your responsibility to keep your work covered at all times. Anyone cheating on the exam will automatically fail the course and will be reported to the Office of Dean of Students. 2. Please let us know if you observe or hear of any cheating on the exam. We highly appreciate it and will reward your efforts with one bonus point per instance. 3. It is strictly prohibited to smuggle this exam outside. Your exam will be returned to you in class (online: you may pick up your exam from your instructor) after it is graded. 4. You may have one double-sided 8.5 in x 11 in crib sheet to take this test. The crib sheet can be handwritten or typed. 5. The only materials that you are allowed during the exam are your calculator, writing utensils, erasers, and your crib sheet. If you bring any other papers into the exam, you will get a zero on the exam. Scratch paper will be provided if you need more room. 6. Leave all your belongings except those permitted for the exam in the front of the room. This includes your cell phone. We are not responsible for any loss. 7. If you share your calculator or use a cell phone, you will get a zero on the exam. 8. Breaks (including bathroom breaks) during the exam are not allowed. If you leave the exam room, you must turn in your exam and you will not be allowed to come back. 9. You must show ALL your work to obtain full credit. An answer without showing any work may result in zero credit. 10. All numeric answers should have two decimal places except answers from the z-table which should have four decimal places unless stated otherwise. 11. If your work is not readable, it will be marked wrong. 12. After you complete the exam, please turn in your exam as well as your crib sheet, tables and any scrap paper that you used. Please be prepared to show your Purdue picture ID. Your exam is not valid without your signature below. I attest here that I have read and followed the instructions above honestly while taking this exam and that the work submitted is my own, produced without assistance from books, other people (including other students in this class), notes other than my own crib sheets, or other aids. In addition, I agree that if I tell any other student in this class anything about the exam BEFORE they take it, I (and the student that I communicate the information to) will fail the course and be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students for Academic Dishonesty. Signature of Student: __________________________________________
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Practice Key 2 Points Earned Grader Problem 1 (Multiple Choice) (21 points) Problem 2 (29 points) Problem 3 (30 points) Problem 4 (25 points) Total (105 / 100 )
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