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Adv 350 Exam 1 Study Guide - Adv 350 Exam 1 Study Guide Why...

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Adv 350 Exam 1 Study Guide Why media are important 1. Media makes up the most of advertising budget. 80-85% 2. Media supports product positioning. Brands position in the consumers mind. Strategy that creates a position of the product in the consumers mind. **Positioning will be successful if it is supported adequately through the right media selections & placements. 3. A poor media plan damages an entire ad campaign. A solid media plan with good media selection and placement, can make sure that the messages reach the right people at the right time and place. Media classes: broad, general categories of communication channels available for placing ADV messages. E.x. Tv, Radio, newspaper, internet. Media Vehicles: specific, single carrier within a media class. E.x. Mtv, 96.5 KRFM, YAHOO.COM Advertising Unit: size or length of advertisement. E.x. 60 second commercial, 4x6 poster, 480 x 60 pixels. Media Planning 2 definitions: 1 The process used to deliver advertisements through media vehicles in order to reach the right people at the right place and time. 2 Process of designing a course of action that shows how advertising time and space will be used to contribute to the achievement of advertising and marketing. Decisions of media planning: who am I targeting, which media vehicles should be used, where should I advertise, when should I advertise, how often should I run the ad, how much money should be spent in each media class Challenges for Media Planners 1 Proliferation: too many vehicles to grow rapidly. E.x. 17,000 magazines, 1 billion websites etc. 2 Advertising Clutter: overabundance of advertising within a particular ad medium. 3 Audience fragmentation: one program has too little people watching. Need to buy many outlets to reach as many as possible. 4 Increased Audience Control: people switch channels. Tivo etc. -How do these trends affect media planning?
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-Hard to get consumer’s attention -the number of ads actually seen may be reduced -traditional mass media are challenging -to best reach the right target group, media planners must identify smaller groups of target audience -it will be difficult to find the consumers ** all these challenges call for more strategic and creative media planning Four Element of the marketing mix 1 Product: a brand, product, or service to be marketed. (product life cycle, features, quality, options, style. 2 Price: The value of the item to be sold. ( list price, discount, allowences, payment period). 3
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Adv 350 Exam 1 Study Guide - Adv 350 Exam 1 Study Guide Why...

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