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Chem 124 Fall 2008 Name Name Computer # The Ideal Gas Law Report Form This report form is to be completed with your partner. Be sure that it is neat and clear. This report is due before you leave class today . RAW DATA – include appropriate units with your reported data. Balanced equation for reaction that you performed Mass of magnesium Atmospheric pressure Gas volume Height of water column Air temperature, ˚ C Vapor pressure of water Water temperature, ˚ C RESULTS OF CALCULATIONS – use proper units for gas law calculations. Number of moles of hydrogen gas produced in the reaction Pressure of hydrogen gas produced Temperature of hydrogen gas sample, in K Volume of hydrogen gas produced Experimental value of gas constant, R % Error = | Theoretical Experimental | Theoretical X 100 Show your calculation of the pressure of the hydrogen gas produced:
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Unformatted text preview: Chem 124 Fall 2008 Show your calculation of the gas constant R: Group Data & Statistics To fill in the table below, get experimental R values from other students in the class, either at your table or tables near you. Include your value in this table also. Calculate an average R and the standard deviation. You can do these calculations in Excel. Computer # Value of R in Latm/molK Average R value Standard Deviation QUESTIONS 1. Oxygen can be generated by the thermal decomposition of potassium chlorate, as described by the following equation: heat KClO 3 (s) KCl (s) + O 2 (g) NOT BALANCED Calculate the volume of oxygen gas, measured at 27.5 C and 743 torr, produced by the decomposition of 2.75 g of potassium chlorate. Show all your work....
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GasLawRptGrpF08 - Chem 124 Fall 2008 Show your calculation...

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