Biology Final Exam Study Guide

Biology Final Exam Study Guide - Biology Final Exam Study...

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Biology Final Exam Study Guide Lecture 1 1. What was Galileo’s Copernican view of the solar system? What did the Catholic church believe in? What was Galileo sentenced to? 2. In the 1980’s who moved to correct a 350-yr old wrong? What did people end up saying about Galileo? 3. What did Charles Darwin start? What was it called and when was it? 4. When was the Scopes Trial? Was it famous? Who was Scopes and what did he do? 5. Who was Scopes defense led by and was did it stress? Who was the prosecution led by and what did it stress? Was Scopes found guilty? 6. What are the court rulings since the Scopes Trial? What does Creationism in public school violate according to the Supreme Court? 7. When did the modern Intelligent Design movement begin? What is the crux (most important issue) of the argument? 8. Why do scientists oppose teaching of ID in a science class? How does science advance? What ID not supported by? 9. What is sciences view on evolution? Why shouldn’t there be rift between science and religion? What different realms do they deal with? 10. Do some Christian denominations accept evolution? What does the Catholic Church believe? 11. What did 55% of adults survey that children should be taught? What do 54% of adults not believe? What do creationists place pressure on and what for? Why do students come through science classes assuming evolution is not taught? 12. Explain the Big Bang Theory. What was the first estimate of the age of the universe? 13. What does better technology do? Now what is the estimate of the age of the universe? 14. What is the Origin of Life: Scientific Hypotheses? How did life arise on the planet? 15. What did chemical evolution lead to? 16. Explain the Evolutionary Tree. 17. What is the lab evidence that Miller’s experiment led to? 18. What did Science publish in 2005 and what was one of the unanswered questions? 19. Who was Charles Darwin and when did he go on his voyage? 20. What was Darwin’s Contribution to the Theory of Evolution?. .. How long did he collect data? What did he publish? What did he hypothesize? What did his hypotheses lead to? 21. Explain Lamarck’s concept of natural selection. (Giraffes) 22. Explain Darwin’s theory of natural selection. (Giraffes) 23. What is evolution? (2 definitions) 24. What does radioactive dating and continental drift tell us about the earth? 25. What does fossil evidence allow?
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Biology Final Exam Study Guide - Biology Final Exam Study...

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