Sociology Final Exam

Sociology Final Exam - Sociology 20-22 Notes Exam III...

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Sociology Chapters 15, 16, 20-22 Notes Exam III Chapter 15 – Religion Religion- a unified system of beliefs and practices to sacred things Durkheim’s definition; mankind’s attempt to relate to what is sacred Class definition o Sacred- elements beyond everyday life that inspire awe, respect, and even fear; all living things were sacred; everything about life is defined as sacred A religious response is a person relating him or her self to whatever is sacred Religion is a set of beliefs or practices that involves some set of meaning and purpose and generally relates to what we call the supernatural Religion holds society together In times of crisis people turn to Religion (9/11) Religion provides o A sense of self-transcendence o A sense of self-justification in the quest for meaning of life o Self-definition and self-understanding o Emotional support in times of crisis o Consolation when we’re disappointed Religion helps make the world comprehensible; helps us understand the world Things happen for a purpose; Religion helps us overcome fear and anxiety; provides emotional support in times of crisis; provides consolation when we’re disappointed Religious Experience- The feeling or perception of being in direct contact with the ultimate reality, such as a divine being, or of being overcome with religious emotion (beliefs) Religious Behavior o Beliefs o Ritual, practices (practice dimension) o Religious Experience- feeling/perception of being in contact with a divine being Types of Religious Organization o Ecclesia- (“the church”) an official religion or society; A religious organization that claims to include most or all members of a society and is recognized as the national or official religion o Denomination- an institutionalized/organized group of individuals that
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share beliefs; A large, organized religion that is not officially linked to the state or government o Sects- A relatively small religious group that has broken away from some other religious organization to renew what it considers the original vision of the faith; loosely organized groups of committed believers Will often withdraw from society or try to reform society o Cults or New Religious Movement (NRM)- focus on the individual experience, generally are formed around a charismatic leader; there is generally a great deal of tension between society and this group on where they’re located; a small, secretive religious group that represents either a new religion or a major innovation of an existing faith Reasons we will always see new forms of religious expression o Changing societies Chapter 16 – Education Functions of Education Transmitting Culture o Takes all the knowledge that we have now and gives it to us o Schooling exposes each generation of young people to the existing beliefs, norms, and values of their culture o In our society we learn respect for social control and reverence for
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Sociology Final Exam - Sociology 20-22 Notes Exam III...

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