Lab # 2 - Kingdom Fungi

Lab # 2 - Kingdom Fungi - Kingdom Fungi Lab # 2 Kingdom...

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Unformatted text preview: Kingdom Fungi Lab # 2 Kingdom Fungi Importance of Fungi o Ecologically Decomposers They break down complex organic material to release simpler compounds to be utilized by other organisms Together w/ the bacteria, they are effectively natures recyclers Mutualistic Interactions Mutualism an interaction btw two organisms in which both of the interacting organisms benefit o Food Production and Spoilage Used to make cheeses, beer, and wine Cause food spoilage o Medically Cause Diseases Principle causative agent of disease in plants, and they cause some infection to skin and mucosa (respiratory and reproductive) in animals Help Make Drugs and Antibiotics Characteristics of Fungi o Nutrition Heterotrophic by Absorption o Major Storage Product Glycogen o Cell Wall Chitin o Form Multicellular Mycellium (body) Composed of a mass of filaments called hypae o Reproduction (Sexually and/or asexually) by resistant structures called spores Sexually Reproducing Phyla Exhibit zygotic meiosis they spend most of their lives in the haploid state; the only diploid cell in the life cycle is the zygote, and this cell undergoes meiosis more-or-less immediately Groups of Fungi o Characteristics of Groups Traditionally, most important was type of structure in which meiosis takes place More recently, DNA sequence data has been utilized to elucidate the relationships among members of this kingdom o Six Groups Five phyla and one informal group based on several characteristics Phylum Chytridiomycota...
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Lab # 2 - Kingdom Fungi - Kingdom Fungi Lab # 2 Kingdom...

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