Social Problems Final Exam

Social Problems Final Exam - Social Problems Final Exam...

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Social Problems – Final Exam Family Weddings o Average wedding = $26,000 o Sometimes we don’t think about engagement o 5 Functions of Engagement: 1) To send message of unavailability to potential suitors let others know you are off the market 2) Gives you the opportunity to get to know family and friends usually true for out of state 3) Gives you the opportunity to learn about each others health issues blood test does this 4) Legitimates premarital counseling different with religions etc. there is a wide range of premarital counseling 5) Legitimates cohabitation not true for all but does make a difference Marriage and Kids o Consider whether or not they are happy o Cuber and Harroff 5 Types of Marriages: 1) Conflict Habituated Marriage o couple always argues; it’s normal for them 2) Devitalized Marriage o start off happy but grow apart overtime o often divorce once kids go off to college 3) Passive Congenial Marriage o have low emotional investment in marriage from the start and that tends to be fine with them 4) Vital Marriage o ideal type in society o happy couples 5) Total Marriage o do everything together and they dress alike o Researchers have concluded the 3 most important characteristics of a good marriage: 1) Love 2) Sexual fidelity 3) Good communication o 6 things couples who have problems tend to argue about: 1) Loyalty to each other and immediate family vs. extended family 2) Money 3) Power 4) Sex 5) Privacy 6) Children
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o Biggest issue with having kids Cost Average cost per kid: o $2.78 Million Upper Class o $1.45 Million Middle Class o $761,871 Lower Class o Parenthood is irreversible (you can’t take it back) ½ of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended that includes birth control and protected sex 1/3 of pregnancies in U.S. are ill timed Top reason people don’t have kids Freedom People who have kids say the love and attachment outweigh the negative stuff Divorce o Paul Bohannon 6 Stages of Divorce: 1) Emotional Divorce o live in separate rooms; separate lives o don’t care about your partner 2) Legal Divorce o courts dissolve your relationship 3) Economic Divorce o prenup would help 4) Co-parental Divorce o how to handle the kids; soul or joint custody 5) Community Divorce o who do your friends and family choose 6) Psychic Divorce o psychologically you have to stand on your own two feet o go from “we” to “I” o On Average it takes 5-7 years to get through these stages o Most people remarry, however, after 2 years o 7 Microlevel issues that contribute to divorce: 1) Marriage at an early age 2) A short acquaintanceship before marriage 3) Disapproval of marriage by family and friends 4) Limited economic resources 5) Having a high school education or less 6) Parents who are divorced or unhappily married If your parents get divorced or fight all the time you are more likely to do the
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Social Problems Final Exam - Social Problems Final Exam...

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