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Prosimian - high twin rate claw like nails paternal...

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Prosimian (Indonesia/Madagascar/Africa/South Asia) Haplorhines ( forward-facing eyes ; shorter face; larger brain) -Tarsiers (vert. cling+leap; shared: dry nose, NO dental comb, post-orbital closure ) Strepsirhines (non tarsier); DENTAL COMB (except aye aye) -Lemurs : aye-aye (woodpeck elong middle digit); ring-tailed (ter/diur/stink fights); fatted-tail(store fat) Pottos (slow climbing; immobile for long period of time) -Galagos (bushbabies; fantastic leapers) Old World Monkey (Africa/Asia) – double ridged molars; calluses on rump Colobines -Colobus (Arb/Foli/cow-like stomach) -Langur (arbter/foli) Cercopithecines -Macaque (Ter/Omni) -Baboon (Ter/Omni) New World Monkey (Central/South America) – small body; 3 premolar teeth; arb Callitrichids -Marmoset & Tamrins
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Unformatted text preview: ( high twin rate ; claw like nails; paternal investment in offspring; small) Atelids-Howler Monkey ( long-distance vocalizations; large body;foli; prehensile tail) Cebids-Capuchins (large brain/body ratio; frugi/foli/insecti; prehensile tail) Hominoid (Africa) – no tail; arb/ter; larger body; larger brain/body ratio; have brachiation (rotating shoulder) Hylobatids-Gibbons (sexually dimorphic in coat color, not size ; frugi; arb;) Pongids-Chimpanzee (knuckle walkers; highly complex societies; frugi some meat)-Gorilla (knuckle walkers; eat tough plants)-Orangutan (solitary soc system; “quadrumanous”; fem arb; male ter; frugi)-Bonobos (bipedal tendencies; use sex for group stress relieve; longer limb than chimp)...
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