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HW_due_Sept_24-2 - 77 Modèle My mother’s father le...

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Devoir pour le 24 septembre, 2008 Nom: I. Read Page 75 of your textbook and state if the following statements are True or False: 1. Most buildings in the city have businesses on the street level and apartments on upper floors. 2. A large percentage of the French population stay in apartments. 3. HLMs are low-cost housing for students. 4. Most single-family homes are made of wood. 5. Home-building materials used to build houses are the same across the country. 6. Country homes are sometimes used as summer homes. II. Identify the relationship using the definite articles LE, LA, LES (you may consult p.
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Unformatted text preview: 77). Modèle: My mother’s father: le grand-père 1. My husband’s mother: 2. My mother’s sister: 3. My aunt’s children: 5. My mother’s brother: 6. My father’s mother: III. Your family is having a garage sale (La vente des objets usagés). State who each object belongs to (Read p. 80). Exemple : La chaise (la mère de Sylvie) C’est la chaise de la mère de Sylvie. 1. La magnétoscope (le fils de Jean-Philippe) 2. Le bureau (la cousine d’Henri). 3. Les affiches (les enfants de tante Alice). 4. La table (l’oncle Thierry). 5. Les lampes (la demi-sœur de Monique)....
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