Study Guide – Introductory Psychology

Study Guide – Introductory Psychology - How...

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Study Guide – Introductory Psychology Spring 2008 Final Examination Cumulative Questions These are general topic questions to guide your review. Obviously, some of these topics are very broad and require you to review more than a single definition or concept. Chapter 2 What are the data collection methods of psychological science? What are the techniques for measuring the brain in action? Chapter 3 How do we find out about genetic influences on psychological characteristics? How do neurons function? Chapter 4 What are the basic structures of the central nervous system? How is the cerebral cortex organized? Chapter 5 What is the difference between sensation and perception? What are the basic sensory processes? Chapter 6 What are the basic principles of classical (Pavlovian) conditioning?
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Unformatted text preview: How is operant conditioning different from classical conditioning? Chapter 7 What are the basic stages of memory? What are 2 different memory systems? What brain processes are involved in memory? Chapter 8 What are mental representations? What are the components of intelligence? Chapter 9 What is a motivated behavior? What is the neural basis of motivation? Chapter 10 What are emotions? What is stress and how is long-term stress damaging to the body and brain? What behaviors affect health? Chapter 13 How does the DSM-IV-R sort out mental disorders? What are the 3 main factors thought to underlie mental illness? Chapter 14 What are the different types of psychotherapy? When are drugs best and when is behavioral therapy best?...
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Study Guide – Introductory Psychology - How...

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