EE302Lecture1 - Introduction to Electrical and Computer...

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Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Eugene Preston Office: ENS 106 TTh 11 AM – 2 PM with a break for lunch. Phone: 512-921-3337 call me at any time from 8 am – 9 pm any day E-mail: Class webspace: Lectures, and homework and announcements will be posted at the above webspace and on the Blackboard web space: . Homework HW0 is due September 6. Click on the above site. Log in. Click on the EE302 course. Read the announcements. Click on Homework . HW0 is listed there. After you have read all sections of the SJS website you can answer the questions. But don’t leave it and come back. You have to do the whole thing once you start it. Also, click on Project . The projects and due dates are listed there. Introduction to EE302 course: Who is Eugene Preston? o At age 10, I loved to build and fly model airplanes until I was 13. o At 13 years old I became interested in electronics - with my other friends. o I got an amateur radio (ham) license in 1963 at age 16. o I did well in high school science, built electronic equip for the science lab. o I worked for Collins Radio and Texas Instruments while in college. o I graduated from UT Arlington in 1970 with a BSEE (electronic circuits). o I came to Austin in 1970 and started working for Austin Energy (power). o Austin Energy had to train me on how to perform power system analysis by sending me to short courses for a couple of years. o From 1974 – 1979 I worked on a masters – one class per semester. o In the mid 80s I started taking one class per semester with no degree program in mind. o In 1990 I began working on a PhD topic and finished it in 1997. o I retired from Austin Energy in 1998 with 28 years of service. o I have been doing consulting work for the power industry since 1998 with most of the work on site specific wind power generators in west Texas. o I have taught EE 331 (EE for other engineers) and EE 302. o
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EE302Lecture1 - Introduction to Electrical and Computer...

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