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Notes on Deviant Subcultures

Notes on Deviant Subcultures - the culture 5 Social Support...

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Deviance Lecture October 31, 2005 Colleagues: the one that has mutual association, makes it possible for a deviant sub culture e.g. prostitutes, drug users, homeless 1. Norms within their sub culture For drug users 2. Values (something that you cherish or believe in) In drug user sub culture - Do not talk to the police - Hedonism 3. Deviant Ideology 4. Information Diffusion is another aspect of a deviant sub culture, it gets around among
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Unformatted text preview: the culture. 5. Social Support is another aspect 6. A system of status stratification Example: Prostitutes 6 different types of Strata for prostitutes: 1. Call Girl 2. Brothel 3. Bar Prostitutes 4. Street Walkers and Pimps 5. Crack Whores 6. Sex Slaves 7. Sub cultural Lore, e.g. the big score, the great escape...
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