Notes1 - CHAPTER 1 The New World- Western hemisphere,...

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CHAPTER 1 The New World- Western hemisphere, North, Central, South America-ish o Wasn’t really “discovered”, more like two kinds of people meeting o New world was not understood by the Europeans o Native Americans were civilized, just different Terms o Homo sapiens o Historians o Pangaea- Super continent, all of earth’s land mass, about 240 million years ago o Continental Drift- o Continental Plates- o Wisconsin Glaciation (Ice Age)- o Process of Sublimation- freezing o Bering Strait- was iced in the ice age, where people crossed over to north america o Bering Sea o Beringia- Bering Strait o Paleo-Indians- the people who came over on the Bering Strait, asian decent o Nomads/Nomadism- roaming, roamed to the south where it was warmer, more easily civilized o Agricultural Revolution (22,000 BC)- making their own food, don’t have to hunt and follow herds and such, steady food supply, sophistication level jumps when you don’t have to roam, settle down o 3 Empires- all in centralish America, warmer 3) Incas- Peru, lowest sophistication 2) Maya- 1) Aztecs- Mexico, Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) Hernando Cortes o Europeans brought diseases and alcohol o Why did Europeans come? They were stuck in the dark/middle ages before Black death- bubonic plague, killed about ½ of the European population After the death, people wanted to live, led to Renaissance(rebirth) o Rise of Nation-states 1 st - Portugal- Prince Henry the Navigator, started schools of navigation in sea travel, hired jews to help build ships Caravel- sturdy ship Slave trade started when trading with Africa Made it to asia and india 2 nd - Spain- killed Jews, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Costille marry, became very powerful,
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Ferdinand and Isabella sent conquistadors to convert or kill whoever wasn’t catholic Reconquista 1492- reunification of Spain Columbus wanted to go to Asia by going west, but discovered America by stepping foot on Venezuela Amerigo Vespucci- was thought to have found America
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Notes1 - CHAPTER 1 The New World- Western hemisphere,...

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