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Second Great Awakening- religious revival, happens usually because of a burst in technology, growth spurt Education/Childhood (Psychology & American culture)- Women began doing other stuff besides traditional motherish roles, led up to abolitionism o Mothers be more happy so treated kids better o Reform o Insane ppl no longer considered criminals, insane asylum instead of jail o Abolitionism had to be gradual o Transcendentalism- hippies of the mid 1800s. o Freedom, love, o Artsy types, writers, painters, poets o Not amongst the norm of society o 1861-1865- American Civil War o every decade, 1820s,1830s,1840s,1850s, tensions escalate ie. Industrial
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Unformatted text preview: growth, negative treatment of slaves, transportation Fashion/Fads- skirt of the woman King Cotton- US is the world supplier of cotton o Britain was another supplier but not as good as US cotton Illegal to import slaves, so breed them Started torturing slaves Nat Turner- slave resistance Confederate States of America- o Border states became part of it after a while o England and france helped the confederates o Made slaves fight for them The Peculiar Institution-euphemism for slavery Iron Horse- trains/railroad Trunklines-major roads...
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