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Faith Thomas MEMORANDOM DATE: August 21, 2007 TO: Mr. Orendorff FROM: Faith Thomas SUBJECT: Analysis of Chapter 10 Objectives Planning reports and proposals involves a three-step writing process. These reports and proposals fall into three main categories and are written through an effective process for business research. Business research has both a primary and secondary method for data collection and they are used for different types of reports and proposals. The information acquired for business research can be evaluated for credibility by nine different criteria and there are five guidelines for effective online research. Interview research must be carefully conducted through a set process; then, summaries, conclusions, and recommendations can be developed. There are three major ways to organize analytical research after online searches and interviews have been conducted. The three-step writing process to reports and proposals Planning Writing Completing Analyze the Situation Adapt to Your Audience Revise the Report Gather Information Compose the Message Produce the Report Select the Right Medium Proofread the Report Organize the Information Distribute the Report Distinguishing informational reports, analytical reports, and proposals Informal reports
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