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Unformatted text preview: Career Management MGT 315 Dr. Jonelle Roth Marketing Plan Niche Definition Rationale Research Needs Target Company List Key Bridge Contacts Ad Sources Agencies and Search Firms Market Research Phase Explore and collect information Develop Career Contact Network What do I need to know about ____________? What do I need to know about ____________? What do I need to know about ____________? Where Can You Find Information? Online Career Services Office on campus Understand the Nature of the Job Market Responding to Job Ads Respond 45 days up to 2 weeks after the ad appears. Be brief and focus on the employer's needs. Address letter to a person, if possible. Use 2 column format Send copy of letter to functional manager who is hiring. The Salary Question: To Tell or Not to Tell Salary information at this point is an arbitrary qualifier. Leave it out! "My requirements are flexible, depending on the scope of the position." "My salary history is consistent with experience. Employment Agencies Check closely to find out who pays the fee. Fee ranges generally are 1% per $1000 of annual compensation. Generally handles clerical or entrylevel management positions. Preferred salary range $40K max Frequently franchised. High volume The Value of Networking Uncovers opportunities you would never discover in any other way. Provides you with better interviews. Enhances your creativity. Puts you in less competitive circumstances. Building a Contact Network "A" Contacts Already Known Instant Rapport Feedback on your presentation Referrals to "B" contacts Market Research help "B" Contacts Bridge People Focus your market research Information, resources on: Activities, people and events in the field Needs and problems in field Referrals to other "B" and "C" contacts A B "C" Contacts Can make hiring decisions Receive proposals Create jobs Refer to other "C" contacts Closure C Building the Networking Pipeline You may have: People on a list that you need to call. People you have called and left a message. People to whom you need to return a call. People you have a meeting scheduled with. People you have met with. People you need to followup with after the meeting. 4 Step Network Building Process 1. 2. 3. 4. Approach letter Approach phone call Information/Referral Meeting Followup: Thank you and updates The Approach Phone Call Techniques Prepare Be persistent, but professional Make a list Establish your purpose Prepare your opening statement Prepare questions Confirm next steps, and thank contact What If? Ask for a meeting Set date and time; Thank you and goodbye Can we do this by phone? Is now a good time? Ask for referral Start When? Set Date and Time Get information Thank you and goodbye The Information/Referral Meeting A Play in Six Acts: Act 1: Building rapport Act 2: Presenting your background Act 3: Information exchange Act 4: Asking for specific referrals Act 5: Thank you and next steps Act 6: Followup Getting Referrals Name (correct spelling), company, title, phone Reason why contact thought this person would be helpful Best approach method How does he/she know him/her Background summary Personal interests Key area of expertise Networking Tips Ask if contact has a moment to talk. Review your reason for calling. Bring questions and have pen and paper for notes. To establish rapport, ask some questions about the person you are speaking to. Respect the time limits. Don't present your resume. Get some detail on referrals. Send a thankyou letter. Try for a meeting rather than a phone call. Information/Referral Meeting Practice Find a partner; decide who is "A" and who is "B" Chose a job you have had; that's what the other person will ask questions about. Ask 45 questions of your partner (5 minutes). Give feedback. Switch roles (5 minutes). Green Lights Describes real situation and asks your opinion. Goes beyond the time limit. Suggests you talk with someone else in the company. Offers you a tour; introduces you to others. Asks about salary requirements, availability, etc. Begins to sell you on the company. Networking FollowUp Write notes on the meeting. Send a thankyou letter. Update contacts on your job search process. Inform contact if you have met with any of his/her referrals. Send all contacts a "landing letter." Record Keeping Proactive Search Binder Tab 1: Weekly campaign review Tab 2: Marketing Plan for Option 1 and related market research summaries. Tab 3: Marketing Plan for Option 2 and related market research summaries. Etc. (for as many options as you have) Resource material Tab: Sample letters, phone script, self presentation, resume Alphabetical Tabs: File Meeting reports, correspondence, notes from phone conversations, etc. according to contact last name. ...
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