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IS 3300 Exam 1 Study Guide Exam 1: Monday Sept. 17, 2007 Study your notes plus the following textbook coverage: If no page numbers are listed, study the entire chapter. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3, p. 89-91 Chapter 6, p.207-216 Chapter 7, p.235, 249-252 Chapter 8, p.282-287 Chapter 11, p. 388-395, 400-402 Chapter 12 Know the following what the following acronyms stand for and about the topic represented: AI – Artificial Intelligence CAD – computer aided design CAM – Computer aided manufacturing CRM – customer relationship management DSS – decision support systems ES – expert systems ESS – executive support systems
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Unformatted text preview: MIS – management information systems OAS – office automation systems Other areas to study: Data Datamining Enterprise Applications Extranet Feedback Formal Systems Grace Murray Hopper Information System Information Information Technology Infrastructure Input input-process-output model Internet Intranet Knowledge & Information-Intense Products Output Process Supply chain management Virtual reality systems Video conferencing You will need picture id, scantron, pencil & good eraser for the exam. Composition of the exam: True/False and Multiple Choice...
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