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Review clas320 - Review Alexander Romace(Alexander the...

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Review Alexander Romace: (Alexander the Great (356-323 BCE)) Watershed moment Idea of the unity of mankind – cultural ethnic Single culture, single language The marriages at susa For Alexander Eratoshenes Plutarch W.W. Tarn The rejection of ethnicity(climate and birth) as a criterion of identity Marx Martin Luther King The internet Creation of the Hellenistic world Various empires Ptolemies in Egypt Seleucids in Asia Attalids of Pergamon Antigonids of Macedonia Alexander a coloniast? Spread of greek culture to others. Die Verschumoltzang: fusion ie Greco- Indians, Greco-egyptians, etc Koine Homonoia – common unity of thought Suggenuke philia – ethnicitie, friendship, kinship Aristocracy of virtue Eratosthenes of Cyrene Paideia Virtue is ethnically determined Birth = criterion of indetity Late 6 th century: Athens = democracy Democracy = rejection of birth Grows out of Athenian ideology Similar to 19 th century America To be an American, can’t look at ancestry or past, you look forward Mutts Serapis = God Uniting cultures under one god Book 1 sorta
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Neptomebo – Egyptian pharaoh Sleeps with Olympia, bears Alexander ( son of Eqyptian king) Egyptianizes Alexander Alexander associated with Dionysus and Heracles D=out of Persia to Greece H=culture hero Descended from Zeus Book 2 sorta March against Indians Alex goes out of Persia, and into India
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Review clas320 - Review Alexander Romace(Alexander the...

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