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hwk4 solution(2)

hwk4 solution(2) - um inaeeimnfiwi £1 fife El Cobweb...

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Unformatted text preview: um inaeeimnfiwi « £1 . fife- El Cobweb diagram w! control, 5:4 < 5_c. There are three equilibrium. u = G, u=u_lower, u=u_upper. i Note that u_lower is unstable such that depending on the intial condition u_0 the svstem evolves to either 1.1 = U or mapper. This called "Bistabilitv" because there are two simultaneous stable equilibrium. - :5 pied {11. subsipnrometersunion {3: 4}, f3] }, u = i] .13]: 'UI. I’fl u _ 2.793145 ; Cobweb diagram w; control, 5:6 > S_c - The only equilibrium point is u = 0 and it is stable. For 5 :- S_c the insect population is driven to exiinction. Thus. for given values of RI} and a. if enough sterile insects are introduced. the slower population growth leads to extinction. 2:» plotHu, suhslparumetersunion {5= 5}. f5] }, a: U..10]; STEELE-L, ...
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