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Lindsay Weller IDS3933 Final Definitions Revisited Nissani’s views on interdisciplinarity in “Fruits, Salads, and Smoothies: A Working Definition on Interdisciplinarity,” are very similar to my own views on the topic. I came into this major at the University of Central Florida with the idea that I would be able to study topics that I truly enjoyed and not once questioned how they “flowed” with one another. I believe that any areas of focus could be combined in this program and they would naturally find a way of intertwining. The idea of interdisciplinarity is very similar to the foundation that our nation is founded on, the blending of different cultures, races and beliefs into the melting pot we call the United States. Nissani’s idea of interdisciplinarity as a “fruit salad” or a “smoothie” is relative in that the topics students choose can be combined in so many different manners. Having my areas of focus in communications and behavioral sciences is already allowing me to have a better understanding of my peers and my co-workers. I understand the pricing and promotional aspect of the company that owns the retail store I work at through my minor in marketing and using my knowledge gained through my introductory course in sociology to understand the backgrounds of everyone that walks through my doors. Working in a tourist location, I am seeing how different cultures can meld as one. At the close of this semester I realized that one of my courses has taught me the epitome of cross- disciplinarity. I just recently completed my course in sociology and learned that sociology in the modern times, can be combined with environmental studies to learn about how different societies function and how their lives affect global warming and the planet as a whole. Many of the lectures were put into the
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IDS3933 Final - Lindsay Weller IDS3933 Final Definitions...

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