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Academic Plan Upon transferring to UCF, my hardest decision was choosing a major. I couldn’t decide on a career because too many areas interested me, so naturally, choosing a major became just as difficult. The first major that I ever decided on was Psychology. In high school I had aspirations of becoming a child psychologist. Then I came into contact with an amazing guidance counselor my senior year of high school and she inspired me so much that I decided that was what I wanted to do. Of course once I got into college and started playing around with my course load, I realized I really wanted to write and possibly run my own magazine. Once again, I planned it all out, a major in Journalism and a minor in Magazine Journalism. I researched to determine how much I would be making if I were to move to New York City after graduation and what kind of apartment I would be able to afford. It seemed I had it all planned out. Then, just as my life seems to go, I changed my mind once
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Unformatted text preview: again. I had found an amazing job working for the company I am with now, Oakley. I’d worked retail simply to pay the bills and give me a little extra spending money while in school, but Oakley was the first company I ever really felt a connection with. I felt I wanted to get out of the retail store though and perhaps expand into the marketing department for the company to get the word out on what a great product we really do carry and finding out how to bring a greater female appeal to the product line. Given all my experience from high school to present, I decided on my two areas of study being Communications and Behavioral Sciences. These combine my first two loves, writing and people. My minor is marketing to help me integrate what I’ve learned about people and the media into the business world. I have chosen the most popular option being a simple Interdisciplinary Studies major, but I feel this will satisfy my need for a plethora of information as well as variety....
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