Dementia- Grandpa Simpson

Dementia- Grandpa Simpson - Dementia Grandpa Simpson...

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Unformatted text preview: Dementia: Grandpa Simpson Grandpa Simpson is the senile father of Homer Simpson on the popular Fox cartoon series, The Simpsons. He is portrayed to be in his mid to late eighties and lives at the Springfield Retirement Castle. Almost all of Grandpa's biographical information is self-supplied. Many of his stories seem to be wildly inaccurate, often physically or historically impossible, and occasionally inconsistent even with each other, suggesting that Abe is quite senile. He seems to be constantly in a state of confusion and desperate for attention, hence his need to tell outrageous stories about himself and his life. He also suffers from narcolepsy. According to information supplied through Wikipedia, Grandpa claims to have served in World War I and was a watchman at Pearl Harbor in the Second World War He was apparently reluctant to serve his country again and after the United States declared war he supposedly tried to avoid service by dressing in drag and playing for a women's baseball team in 1942, which kept him from serving for a year before...
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