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final exam syg2000 cheat sheet

final exam syg2000 cheat sheet - social stratification...

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social stratification : hierarchal arr. In which grps have different access to resources; a system of structured social inequality poverty among racial/ethnic groups : 1 in 6 US children live in poverty, mostly af. am. Am. & Hispanic, ascribed vs. achieved status : quality given at birth vs. working toward (S. Africa apartheid caste system vs. “class system”) theories of stratification : Marx- capitalist/working class, Weber- class, status & party, multidimensional view Functionalism : Motivates people to fill positions that are needed for the survival of the whole. Conflict Theory : Results when those with the most resources exploit others. distribution of social classes in the U.S.: determined by socioeconomic status, income, wealth, prestige & educational status- upper/upper middle/lower middle/lower/urban lower; depends on race, age & gender Social mobility is a person’s movement over time from one class to another. Social mobility can be up or down, although the American dream emphasizes upward movement. Mobility can also be intergenerational, occurring between generations; or intragenerational, occurring within a generation. vertical vs. horizontal mobility: People who are upwardly mobile are often expected to distance from their origins. Downward Mobility: income distribution is becoming more skewed toward the top; many in the middle class are experiencing mobility downward. Influenced by education. culture of poverty: attributes the major cases of poverty to loss of work values & irresponsibility. 35.9 million poor, 12.5% of pop.; majority of poor are white, maj. women & children, “blame the poor
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