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EXAM 1 – Review Sheet MAR 3023 Questions for the first exam will be asked about the following topics: (60 Multiple Choice questions, 240 points in total) Chapter 1: 1. Definition of marketing 2. Orientations toward marketing 3. Relationship marketing 4. Customer satisfaction Chapter 2: 1. Strategic planning 2. Marketing myopia 3. SWOT Analysis 4. Competitive advantage 5. Strategic alternatives that match products and markets 6. Marketing mix Chapter 3: 1. Corporate social responsibility 2. Target Market 3. External environment Know thoroughly! Chapter 4: 1. Global marketing 2. Multinational corporation
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Global marketing standardization 4. Global marketplace entry strategies- know definitions of risk and rate of return Chapter 5: ) 1. Consumer behavior definition 2. Consumer decision making process 3. Social influences on consumer buying decisions 4. individual factors that influence the decision making process for consumers 5. Psychological influences on CB decisions Chapter 6: 1. Strategic alliance 2. Segments of the business market 3. Demands for products in business marke 4. Products/services...
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