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Paper 2 - murder and pop

Paper 2 - murder and pop - KaraMiranda ProfessorLitvak...

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Kara Miranda Black Comedy – English 84 Professor Litvak 31 April 2008 Phil Collins Gets Away With Murder You are watching a man in a raincoat killing another man with an axe. He is chopping and heaving repeatedly; blood is everywhere: on the floor, on the couch, on the murderer’s leering face. If you were the director of this scene, what music would you play? Would it be the anger-and-rage-filled screaming of hardcore metal bands such as Slayer or Slipknot? Would you choose to omit the music completely, leaving the simple sounds of an axe slicing human flesh and bone and the grunts of the man wielding the ten-pound weapon? What about the eerie, freaky, anti-Christ groaning of Marilyn Manson? No? Well, how about the sprightly pop single of Huey Lewis & The News, “Hip to Be Square”? Perfect. Why? Pop songs and murders go hand-in-hand. The empty, soulless, greedy characteristics of both pop music and a murderer make them completely compatible. The director of American Psycho , Mary Harron, is able to incorporate this similarity into Patrick Bateman’s mindless killings and rapings in her choice of the glittery vapidity of pop and dance hits from the 1980’s (think Whitney Houston and a chainsaw). Why do murderers kill? Why do rapists rape? What piece of the puzzle are they missing or what extra piece do they have that makes them so privy to committing horrific and heinous crime? Perhaps it is a lack of a soul, a lack of meaning, or just a disjointed depravity that keeps them ambivalent to the taking of another human life. Cold-blooded, heartless and hollow,
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murderers and rapists do not give a shit about people. Compare this to pop music. Pop music is not even considered to have its own genre, it is simply music that is “popular,” music that has the most sales or plays within a given amount time. Its purpose is not to create meaningful, deep lyrics to touch the generations, but to race to the top of the charts. It is music that is not deeply rooted in anything but blandness, banality, greed, and capitalism. Like murderers, pop music has no soul, wanting only to reach the masses so that everyone will “die” for their music. Insipid, heartless and hollow, pop music does not give a shit about people.
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