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Morgan Curtis Germ Film Nosferatu Response Nosferatu is one of the earliest expressionist films in German film, and arguably the most influential. F.W. Murnau does a remarkable job with lighting and editing to give an eerie and creepy feeling to the film. The way Count Orlok is displayed as an overly eccentric individual and the use of lighting around him creates a greater aura for the count, and the audience has an immediate reaction to the character.
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Unformatted text preview: Murnau also does a good job in developing the story which is difficult to do while one is trying to employ the expressionist style as well as making a silent film. A great example of Murnau’s expressionistic styling is when Hutter boards the coach to go to Count Orlok’s house, and the coach moves in an unnatural way and the driver is portrayed in such a way that the audience knows that something is amiss....
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