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You are to read a book on a leader and study his/her communication; great leaders are great communicators. You are to pay attention to his/her application of our course topics: writing, speaking, nonverbal, facilitation, persuasion, listening, feedback, conflict management, and business meetings. You are then to submit a 2.5 to 3 page memo to me informing on your leader’s behaviors in the course topics and how you will apply these skills to your behaviors at work. I want little information on background of the leader more on their behavior of the 9 topics & importantly your application of those topics.
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COMMUNICATIONS BREAKTHROUGH UNC Greensboro DATE: April 28, 2008 TO: Professor Garrett FROM: Andrew Eaker SUBJECT: Application of Leader's Management / Communication Styles Introduction “Find great ideas, exaggerate them, and spread them like hell around the business with the speed of light.” Jack Welch led General Electric on a fast-paced growth system beginning in 1981 that sparked tremendous attention. With the attention came an obsession for understanding his leadership style and decision making process. The following sections will highlight some of his strongest aspects and what I learned from studying his behavior. I will take action in incorporating these ideas and methods into my management lifestyle in hopes to improve every facet of my communication in business. Writing General Electric's superman resembles the epitome of what we studied in class. His messages are concise, to the point, and anti-fluff. “Simple messages travel faster . .. the elimination of clutter allows faster decision making.” Understanding his tactics and behavior in writing allows me to see a new light when constructing business messages. Tell them exactly what they need to know, fill in any gaps that could surface, and leave no loose ends. My messages will be concise, direct or indirect as needed, and thoroughly address the concerns of those involved. Loose ends create loose relationships, and business has no time for
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LeaderMemo - You are to read a book on a leader and study...

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