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Midterm Study Guide Test Format: o 43 Multiple Choice Questions (worth 2 pts each) Nearly all of the questions will be drawn from lecture and the parts of the textbook that overlap with it. Our limited time in class prevents us from going over everything in your book. You should, however, read everything in the book to further your understanding of social psychology, and to ensure that you get the highest grade possible. I highly recommend a close reading of chapter 1; it provides a review research methods . In other words, there are questions on the test that deal with information discussed in text that we only briefly went over in class. What I’m most concerned about is that you can apply the concepts we’ve been discussing, rather than rehash/regurgitate definitions. Therefore, when you are studying a given concept, you might find it helpful to think of an example or two. You should read the textbook attentively. In so doing, the multiple choice questions should be fairly easy to get through. You can still do well on the test even if you don’t outline the chapters (wouldn’t hurt to do so and if you are so inclined go for it). Answers to frequently asked questions: o What is internal validity? Internal validity refers to the strength of the causal connection between the independent and dependent variable. If you have a true experimental design (you’ve randomly assigned people to conditions and controlled the
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Midterm1Spring08StudyGuide - Midterm Study Guide • Test...

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