ECON exam 2 - To maximize economic well-being a person...

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To maximize economic well-being, a person should: -balance the benefits and costs of different courses of action and select the one that adds most to satisfaction The price of good X is $16, the price of good Y is $ 24, and the marginal utility from the last unit of good X consumed is 48 units of satisfaction. To maximize total satisfaction from consuming this amount of goods X and Y, the marginal utility for good Y must be: -72 units of satisfaction Limited liability is a characteristic of: - corporations The money received by a business when its product is sold is called its: - revenue If a firm sells 10,000 units of output at a price of $100 each, and has a cost of $1,200,000 its: - loss equals $200,000 Concerning the distribution of income in the U.S., one could conclude that: - there are many households at low income levels and few households at high income level Which of the following statements about poverty is true? -certain groups in society, such as the elderly, are more likely to have a high rate of poverty than other groups The cost of a purchase or action measured in terms of its forgone alternative is its: -opportunity cost The utilities from consuming different amounts of good X are as follows: The total utility when one unit of good X is consumed is: -80 points The marginal utility from consuming the second unit of good X is: - 40 points According to the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility: - beyond some point, the additional satisfaction from consuming
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ECON exam 2 - To maximize economic well-being a person...

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