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Josh Mittleman Sociology of Sport TA: Karina Discussion: Friday @ 12:20 I watched the Super Bowl at my fraternity house with all of my brothers and many of my other friends. It was very interesting to watch how people interacted with each other seeing as the room was split between people rooting for the Patriots and people rooting for the Giants. I am from Long Island but I am a Jets fan so I was kind of neutral for the game but I sided with the Giants because it represented New York, plus the Pats are in the same division as us so I’m obligated to dislike them more then the Giants. The game was an example of an affirmative ritual as it confirmed that the Giants were the best football team this season. Just because the Patriots breezed through the season with 18 straight wins, they succumbed to the Giants in the most important game of the season. The game also gave way for a suspension ritual. As I came back to my dorm
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Unformatted text preview: in Southwest I noticed the riots that were happening in front of Berkshire DC. It looked and sounded the same as the riots as when the Red Sox won the World Series, which told me there were plenty of happy, and undoubtedly some drunk, Giants fans and New Yorkers in Southwest. The SWAT teams were out in full force and there were cops in every building. I am anxious to read the paper tomorrow to find out what crazy things people did and how many people got arrested, as both always occur at riots. Avid Giants fans, no doubt, took the game to their heads, and forgot that there are rules and laws that always need to be followed, and decided to do whatever they wanted to celebrate the big win. This game will no doubt go down in history as one of the greatest upsets in history, as the Patriots were heavily favored to complete the “perfect season”. To all the Patriots fans out there: there’s always next season....
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