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advertising - o Execution—executing idea • Roles of...

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Chapter 1 Characteristics of Effective Advertising Marketing Mix: 4 Elements 1. Product 2. Place 3. Price 4. Promotion Functions and Effects of Advertising as a Marketing Tool o 1 Major Rule—provide info o To identify and differentiate products o To communicate info o To induce consumers to try new product and continue to suggest reuse o Stimulate distribution o Increase product use o Build value, brand preference, loyalty o Decrease cost of sales—people know regular price through ads more likely to know if being overcharged Effective ads must be goal directed o Strategy o Creativity—coming up w/ Big Idea
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Unformatted text preview: o Execution—executing idea • Roles of Advertising o Marketing Role—in order to market a product you have to provide information about it o Communication Role—Communicate marketing information or important information people need o Economic Role—Helps economy, helps stimulate demand Advertising = a paid form of communication • A sponsor is identified • Tries to persuade or influence consumer to do something • Conveyed through mass media • Reaches a large audience • Non-personal...
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