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Josh Mittleman ID# 22722963 TA – Liz Whynott HW #1 – Health and Lifestyle Part 1 Feb 15, 2008 The “How Well Are You” questions got me thinking about how healthy I actually am. I have always believed that I’m a pretty healthy guy compared to everyone else and I think that the wheel proved that to me. All the sections of the wheel were out of a maximum 50 points and my lowest was a 26, which is above the 50% average. My highest category was Environmental Health, where I got 43 out of the 50 possible points. This area included questions smoking, drunk driving, littering, and pollution. I’m glad that I scored high in this category, as these are all important issues. My lowest category was Nutrition, where I only got 26 out of the 50 possible points. Eating has always been one of my favorite things to do and it is for my family as well. This is shown by the size of my family, as most are large individuals. Luckily I’ve always stayed active with sports and activities so I have stayed in shape. I have some strange eating habits though that I am currently working on changing. There are some freak days that I won’t stop eating all day and all night and I’ll just never feel full and then there are other days when I won’t eat a single thing all day and be fine. I am trying to eat a little bit everyday, whether I want more or less, and trying to balance it out to normal. I’m also trying to eat healthier now so I have a salad with most meals and get wraps with lean meats. My goal is to learn and establish healthy habits now so that I can continue them when I’m older. Habits are much easier to continue then to start once you get older.
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My wheel came out to be a strange shape. This means that I am not equally healthy in different aspects of my life. This means that I need to improve some areas of
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pubhlth - Josh Mittleman ID 22722963 TA Liz Whynott HW#1...

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