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Josh Mittleman Intro to Sport 4-18-08 I looked at what McDonalds has done to activate their sponsorship with the Olympic Games. I went to the website and found that they proudly show that they sponsor the Olympics, NASCAR, FIFA, AVP, and high school basketball. I focused on NASCAR. To activate their sponsorship with NASCAR I noticed that they set up a portion of their website just to NASCAR. This section includes pictures, biographies, and schedules of all 3 racers that McDonalds sponsors. There are also links to the NASCAR official website, the website of each racing team that McDonalds sponsors, and to each driver’s individual site. Another way that McDonalds activated their sponsorship is that they started to put little toy race cars with the McDonalds paint job in with kids meals. These cars were only given out for a limited time so that they would hopefully become
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Unformatted text preview: more of a collectable and more people would come and get them while they lasted. A third way that McDonalds activated their sponsorship was to repaint all the cars of the teams that they sponsor. Each car now has a giant M on the front hood and more McDonalds writing and logos on it. They decided to pay more as a sponsor so that there would be less different sponsors on the car and on the driver uniform. I think this is a good idea because I feel that a car that has many, many sponsors is useless to any individual sponsor because the logos are too cluttered and no one can really determine who is sponsoring that car. I think that McDonalds made a good decision when they decided to sponsor 3 teams in NASCAR. They chose cars in different types of races so that they would spread their name over more area and show that they care about sports all over the world....
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