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Josh Mittleman Intro to Sport 4-11-08 The 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China has been the root of a lot of hostility and violence lately throughout the world. There have been protests all over the world, many of which where the torch has been run. This has led to many customers sending emails to Coca Cola threatening to boycott the products if Coke doesn’t pull out as a sponsor of the Olympic Games this year. This is a problem. Coca Cola has put in $50 million to become an official sponsor of the Olympics. Pulling out would mean a loss of all $50 million. I see this is a very simple decision. Coca Cola is an international brand that is used heavily all over the world. I feel that if, by staying with the Olympics, there will only be a handful of protestors boycotting Coca Cola products, then Coca Cola should stay on as a sponsor. The money is already down and there will not be a significant number of people boycotting. The sponsorship will keep the Coca Cola name and logo all over the world, everywhere where the Olympics
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