Notes, Deviant Exploitation

Notes, Deviant Exploitation - Exploitation Exchange OPEN...

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Deviance Lecture November 14, 2005 Deviant Exploitation 3 Ways Offenders Get victims to surrender goods or services - Stealth: done without them knowing - Trickery: Tricking them by making it look like one thing when in reality it is another - Force: Four ways Deviant Exploitation Differs from Deviant Exchange 1. The Victim Role, this is the first time that there is the presence of a victim 2. Not mutually profitable - in the exchange, both parties expect to put something into it and get something out of it 3. Conflicting Interests 4. Hostility and the 5 R’s - Resist - Refuse to cooperate - Recruit Outside Assistance - Retaliate - Report to Authorities (none of these R’s occur in a deviant exchange) 4 Subforms of Deviant Exploitation Victim’s Awareness Victim’s definition of the Situation
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Unformatted text preview: Exploitation Exchange OPEN Victim is totally aware of what is happening Coercion This is where force is used to coerce and exploit E.g. Forcible Rape, Robbery Extortion Force is used in this one, intimidation. E.g. Give me money and I will not kick your ass Blackmail, Abduction Closed It can be closed for 2 reasons: When, or What. The victim is not aware at the time that anything is happening but might realize later. In a “What”, they are aware that something is Surreptitious Exploitation Stealth method E.G. Drug Rape, Embezzlement Pick pocketing, Vandalism, Arson Fraud Trickery Method They think it is a legitimate exchange that will be mutually profitable, but it turns out to be exploitation happening but the true nature of it is not clear to the victim....
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Notes, Deviant Exploitation - Exploitation Exchange OPEN...

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