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intro 3-28-08 - The event manager is also in charge of...

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Josh Mittleman 3-28-08 Intro to Sport I watched a replay of the 2003 AFC Divisional playoff game between the Patriots and Raiders . This was the game where Adam Vinatieri kicked the game winning field goal in the middle of the snowstorm on frozen ground . It was a very good game from the standpoint of event manager . The field was an absolute mess with all the snow , which posed an obstacle for the stadium crew and staff . A regular football game in nice weather tears up the field . On a field that is soaked from snow , the field is destroyed by the game . This is what I feel is the most difficult aspect of the event manager’s job: keeping the field playable at all times through all weather conditions . Football games are never suspended for weather conditions . That means that the game will go on whether it’s 150 degrees or –30 degrees , a perfect day , or snowing , or hailing , or sleet , or rain . This means that the event manager needs to have contingency plans for all weather conditions
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Unformatted text preview: . The event manager is also in charge of setting up halftime shows at all football games . This means it its up to the event manager to figure out and choreograph the Super Bowl halftime shows . This is also a tough job because the Super Bowl is expected to have at least one world-renowned artist playing . This can be very difficult sometimes because many of the top-tier musicians are always on tours so they don’t have time to play the Super Bowl . Also , some artists demand too much money and they price themselves out of the price range for the event . Another aspect of the event manager’s job is to set up entertainment during commercials . At the field , the fans need something to keep their attention on during play breaks so that home viewers can watch the commercials that generate most revenue for the teams . This involves creating videos for the jumbotrons and having staff go around the crowd doing games with fans ....
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