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Josh Mittleman 4-4-08 Intro to Sport Management International Sport is a growing market. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but it has only just in the past 2 decades begun to break into American lives. The MLS is the professional soccer league here in America. It is competing with the English Premier League as well as other major leagues all over Europe and the world for the best players. Sadly for the MLS, most of the big name, better players choose to play for bigger market teams such as Manchester United or Barcelona in leagues in Europe. On the MLS website, they try to market to more then just American fans. One of the first things I noticed was an area on the home page that shows top stories about other top leagues, not including the MLS. There’s a story about the English Premier League as well as stories about Ronaldo and Liverpool. I think they put this section onto the home page so that a fan from across the seas can stay on the MLS website and still get news about their home countries teams rather then leaving the MLS website and possibly not
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