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Josh Mittleman Intro to Sport 3-7-08 The Academic Progress Rate (APR) is the latest academic reform being used by the NCAA in regard to college athletics . The APR is used to measure the success or failure of collegiate athletic teams in moving student-athletes towards graduation . It was instituted in February 2005 . In its first season of usage, 3 sports, including football, basketball , and baseball, all posted average APR scores below the NCAA-determined minimum level of 925 . A score of 925 is the equivalent of a 60% graduation rate . The highest possible score is 1000 , which is a 100% graduation rate among athletes in that sport at that particular school . If a school receives a score lower then 925 they will be penalized with the loss of scholarships . Allocating points for eligibility and retention calculate the APR . These are the two factors that researchers identify as the best indicators of graduation . Each player on a given roster earns a maximum of two points per term , one for being academically eligible
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