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Josh Mittleman Intro to Sport 2-22-08 When it comes to the sport’s industry in today’s fast paced world, some changes need to be done in order to maintain fan loyalty . A wide variety of minor and major changes can be accomplished in order to maintain and potentially gain fan loyalty to sports teams across the board . Sure every sports team has its die-hard fans, but the problem of a strong number of loyal fans is an ever growing problem in the sports industry today . Minor changes can be done to help keep fan loyalty in regards to a sports team . Let’s take a look at the New York Mets baseball team as an example . For years New Yorkers have had to face the challenge of rooting for the Mets or the Yankees . Because of the lack of strong previous seasons, the Mets have fallen short when it comes to a powerful fan turnout . Just because the scoreboard is low in numbers doesn’t mean that the fan turnout has to be as well . By making
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