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Josh Mittleman Intro to Sport 2-15-08 There have been many innovations and contributions made by several sports marketing pioneers. Two of these are Bill Veeck and Albert Spalding. Veeck has had a lasting impression on baseball and Spalding has left an impression on the whole world. Bill Veeck is best known for his flamboyant publicity stunts, as well as the innovations he brought to the league during his ownership of the Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns, and Chicago White Sox. While with the Brewers, Veeck said that he installed a screen in right field to make it more difficult for left-handed pull hitters to hit homeruns. This screen was on wheels so it could be moved out of the way when the Brewers were up and replaced when the opposing team came to bat. With the Indians, Veeck signed Larry Doby to a contract, making him the first Black baseball player in the American League. The following year Veeck signed Satchel Paige to a contract, making him the oldest rookie ever to enter Major League Baseball. These signing led to the integration of Blacks into the MLB from the Negro Leagues.
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