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Josh Mittleman Intro to Sport 2-8-08 I have worked many jobs in my life but I’d have to say there are 2 bosses that stand out to me in terms of influencing and teaching me. Both of these jobs gave me different experiences and taught me different things. One of my earliest jobs was with my neighbor, Joe. He started and ran a block party and DJ company. I have worked with him since he started the company over 6 years ago. When I began the job my responsibilities included helping kids on and off the moon bounce while also monitoring it and to serve popcorn. After a summer of seeing how everything works I began taking on more and more responsibility which led to me also setting up and taking down the DJ table, serving cotton candy, and running the games. I think of Joe as a leader because he introduced me to many different experiences on the job and through his guidance I feel that I would now be a better worker in any field that requires interaction with the general public. He included me in all aspects of the
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