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Josh Mittleman 516-312-8276 ID# 22722963 Jobs In My Family Jobs are a very important part of the economy today . Workers are coming to the US from all over the world because of the high salary and good benefits of jobs here . However, this sometimes takes away jobs from US citizens while also taking money out of the economy because some of the immigrant workers send the money home to their families across the seas . Illegal immigrants are also a problem in this regard as they are also taking jobs away from US citizens while not paying any taxes in their wages so the economy is hurt even more . The job situation in my family has not been like the typical job situation for an average family . My dad has been a car salesman for over 20 years, and he has been the lone source of income for most of that time . My mom worked as a dietician until I was a few years old but then decided to stop working in order to spend more time with me . Finally by the time I reached high school she decided to get a job, working in a high school cafeteria . She got this job so that she could make some money to pay for family vacations and trips . I think that the typical American family, as shown in the movies and media, involves both parents working and a babysitter spending most time with the children . My mom felt that this was not a great way for a child to be brought up, and that is why she decided not to work for most of my childhood
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This note was uploaded on 10/06/2008 for the course ECONOMICS 104 taught by Professor Crocker during the Spring '08 term at UMass (Amherst).

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econ - Josh Mittleman

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