Soc essay 2 - create the difference in earnings Another theory is gender discrimination This means that women make less money then men in the same

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Josh Mittleman Essay 2 Almost all of the time women are paid less then men. The national average is that women make about 77 cents to every 1 dollar a man makes. One idea for this discrepancy is that women work easier jobs then men. Some people believe that men make more because their jobs are usually more demanding. This means that a nurse shouldn’t make as much money as a head contractor for a construction company. The job differences
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Unformatted text preview: create the difference in earnings. Another theory is gender discrimination. This means that women make less money then men in the same job just because they are a woman. Another idea is that women make less because they are more likely to take more time off due to pregnancy and childcare. This idea suggests that working women are penalized for their dual roles as wage earners and those who disproportionately care for home and family....
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