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Josh Mittleman Essay 3 “Looking at gender through the prism of difference” means that when someone looks at a man and a woman and compares them they have the social thoughts running through their head and see many differences. Since the 1960’s gender studies have changed. They used to be based on clear cut gender differences, man and woman, but now they are based more on understanding the differences in gender roles. The benefit of understanding gender as intersecting with class, race, ethnicity, and other forms of social status is that society learns the differences between men and women and that people will
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Unformatted text preview: eventually find a way to discriminate less and make things more fair. In time people will finally understand the relationship between men and women in different classes and the classes will not be so spread out anymore. Eventually people of different races will forget the stereotypes and come together and make the world closer. At some point ethnicity will not be a form of discrimination and people will accept other for who they are and where they come from. All of this discrimination will hopefully at some point be forgotten and everyone will be better off for it....
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