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Josh Mittleman Essay 1 Gender role socialization is the process through which we learn how to be a normal member of society within our own gender. This means that while growing up a boy learns to become a man and do all the things men are “supposed to do” and a girl learns to become a woman and do all the things a woman is “supposed to do.” All this is started at a very early age so that all this can be enforced into the person’s brain. Gender roles are socially constructed because there is no natural reason for men and woman to be exactly the way they are today, this way was developed socially by the people over time. Functionalists believe gender roles are here to prevent gender conflict. They believe this leads to maximum efficiency if you train women to do domestic work and the men to do work outside of the house. This way most jobs are covered. They also believe that people
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Unformatted text preview: know their role and don’t argue with it because the public would shun them. Women do the jobs they were groomed to do and the men do the same. Conflict theorists believe there is a limitation on human development if you tell them what they are going to grow up to be. They also believe gender roles subjugate women because they’re supposed to be submissive to the males. According to them gender roles create inequality in earnings. Women have about 15 hours less of “leisure time” during the week but usually make less money anyway. This seems unfair because the men do less work but get paid more. In some cases this is reasonable because in some jobs the demands are very hard and the man has to do a lot of work in his time on the job so the increases earnings are fair. But in most cases this is unfair to the women....
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