Modern Africa Lecture 2_7

Modern Africa Lecture 2_7 - Modern Africa 2/7 Economic...

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Economic Restructuring- Concrete Infrastructure o To attain the colonial objectives, a new infrastructure had to be built o Roads and railways appeared in areas with exportable resources in order to facilitate the movement of goods from the production center to port cities Agriculture and Labor o Africans participated in the colonial economy in various ways: Majority were producers working on farms Many others were forced to work for gov’t and European ventures o Taxes were imposed and the need to raise cash in order to pay them compelled many people to seek wage incomes, even as laborers effective in: Revenues How people produce (generating income) o Agriculture was the most important sector of colonial economy Peanuts, cocoa, rubber, coffee, palm oil, timber Except for the European settlers, Ag production was in the hands of Africans o Measures were put in place to ensure production: Payment of tax in cash (forced production and sell for money) Some were compelled to work o Desire for modernity with production= a drive to keep working to have benefits Luxury items, education for the kids Built houses- also serves for production o Foreign firms made considerable profits from the export of ag products In areas and periods when gov’t became involved in buying
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Modern Africa Lecture 2_7 - Modern Africa 2/7 Economic...

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