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Site.ppt-Topic 3 - Site Planning"Site planning is the...

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Unformatted text preview: Site Planning "Site planning is the art of arranging elements in response to the external environment to support human behavior. It lies along the boundaries of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, and city planning, and it is practiced by all members of the professions. " Kevin Lynch, Site Planning Historical Aspects Sitting of buildings was critical prior to the mid 20th century. Why ? The advent of the automobile and air conditioning made site planning less necessary. Historically Sites located near power sources Sites located near major transportation arteries Sites located for protection Sites located to take advantage of sun, and breezes Sites developed according to social orders. Site Data Physical Data data that relates to the physical characteristics of the site such as soils, water, topography, climate, ecology, man-made structures, and sensuous qualities. data that relates to the cultural characteristics of the site such as population, site values, history, and images. Cultural Data - Physical Data Topography Patterns of landforms Slope analysis Visibility Circulation Unique features Physical Data Climate Sun Angles Rain Quantities Prevailing Breezes Physical Data Ecology Plant Communities Animal Communities Water Resources Physical Data Man-Made Structures Existing Buildings Circulation Utilities Physical Data Sensuous Qualities Views, Vistas, Visual Focal Points Rhythms of Visual Sequences Quality and Variation of Light, Sound, Smell, and Feel Cultural Data Social structures Economic structures Political structures Number and composition of residents Site history Symbolism associated with the site ...
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