essay - prevented . I intend to achieve these goals by...

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Kay-Cee Pezak Fitness essay My personal fitness goals for this semester are to improve my upper body strength as well as my cardiovascular stamina . I never really had good upper body strength even when I was younger and much more active . I always had to work really hard at bars when getting ready for a gymnastics meet . Leg strength was always something that came easily to me but upper body was always tough . I would also like to improve my cardiovascular strength to help me become a better runner . I enjoy running because it helps me lose weight quicker but I need to become better with my breathing . I chose these goals because I know they will help me become healthier . My father is a diabetic and my mother has an auto immune disease and they both try to lead healthy lifestyles . I however don’t want to start living healthy once it’s too late. I want to be able to get married and have children without worrying about complications that can be
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Unformatted text preview: prevented . I intend to achieve these goals by trying to run more often than I do . Im going to try to run longer than I normally do . Im going to improve my upper body strength by really focusing on my arms and back when I do my strength training . Im going to do more chest work also . Chest presses, bicep and triceps curls, kickbacks, and lat pull downs are some of the things I will be doing to achieve my goals . I think that overall achieving these goals will help me lead a better lifestyle and prevent me from diseases that run in my family . I think it will make working out easier and more fun because I wont have to worry about losing my breath as quickly or as often . This will in turn make me want to workout more which leads to an even healthier life . I dont really have an event in my life that Im trying to get in shape for. Im just trying to lead a better, longer life ....
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essay - prevented . I intend to achieve these goals by...

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