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ch3 - I The organizations in advertising A Advertisers(or...

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I. The organizations in advertising A. Advertisers (or clients) - companies that advertise themselves and their products B. Advertising agencies - companies that plan, create and prepare client's ad campaigns and promotional materials C. Suppliers - includes the photographers, illustrators, printers, digital service bureaus, color film separators, video production houses, and others who assist both advertisers and agencies in preparing advertising materials. Also includes consultants, research firms, and other professional services that work with both advertisers and agencies. D. Media - companies that sell time (electronic media) and space (print media) to carry the advertiser's message to the target audience. II. The people in advertising A. When people think of advertising, they imagine the copywriters and art directors who work for ad agencies, but the majority of people in advertising are employed by the advertisers. B. Many people are involved in a company's advertising function. III. Advertisers are a diverse group ranging small, mom-and-pop retail stores to huge conglomerates. A. Local advertising 1. Local advertising - advertising by businesses within a city or county directed toward customers within the same geographic area. Local advertising is sometimes called "retail advertising" because so much is placed by retail stores, although not all retail advertising is for local stores (Sears and Target). Local advertising is critically important because most consumer sales are made - or lost - locally. a) Types of local advertisers - there are four main types: (1) Dealers or local franchises of regional or national companies. (2) Stores that sell a variety of branded merchandise. (3) Specialty businesses and services. (4) Governmental, quasi-governmental, and nonprofit organizations.
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b) Types of local advertising (1) Product advertising - promotes a specific product or service. (a) Regular price-line advertising - informs consumers about services or merchandise offered at regular prices. (b) Sales advertising - placing items on sale, offering specials, or reducing prices. (c) Clearance advertising - a special form of sales advertising used to make room for new items, getting rid of old or slow-moving items. (2) Institutional advertising - attempts to create a favorable long-term perception of the business as a whole, not just a particular product or service. (3) Classified advertising - text ads listed under classification headers. c) Local advertisers have been using integrated marketing communications (IMC) for centuries combining personal selling with media advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, and public relations. d) Creating local advertising (1) Many local advertisers succeed using a "schlock" approach
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